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1 min readJan 11, 2022


So as writers, we know the pain you go through to find opportunities. Moreover, it’s really frickin difficult to keep track of all the opportunities that you’ve applied to and how they’ve gone!

So what we’ve done is created a google sheet of all the historical positions that we’ve featured on the newsletter.

It’s great because there’s over 500 opportunities that we posted so far.

Remember that each newsletter includes only new opportunities… that doesn’t mean the old ones are closed!? You can still apply to them as well!

We’ll update it roughly every month to back fill the past 4 newsletters but the main thing being, you get your own personal database of opportunities.

With this database, you’ll be able to see:

which publications are hiring

which editors are hiring

how much you can earn

what the most in demand topics are!

If this all sounds great to you, sign up to the paid subscription, get in touch and we’ll invite you to view our google sheets page!

Take care!



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