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5 min readJan 16, 2022

Morning everyone!!

Not to make y’all jealous but I’m on another trip at the moment! My partner and I had our wedding cancelled twice…and hopefully we’re 3rd time lucky this summer! In light of all of that (and the cold winter of London), we decided to go for a mini-honeymoon! We say mini, but it’s pretty awesome and v-beach centric. So from the beaches in the middle of nowhere, happy Sunday! And yes, I’m still sending this newsletter!

Being a writer is awesome as you meet so many people. Like really, you meet the crypto bros, you meet the medics, the charitables, you meet the historians, the political type, the finance type — everyone! So much so that over a longer period of time, you realise that society is just a pool of serendipity. You never know what’s going to come next but there’s a colour to society that writing brings, and one that I absolutely love!

Last week we launched a product — our historical jobs list!

If you want to apply for more jobs, then jobs we’ve sent out previously are often still open (some are open for months!). Becoming a subscriber gives you access to our Google Sheets, allowing you to find all of these opportunities in one place. Not only that, it can act as a database for rates/editors/publications as well.

We also have another product launching this week. So stay tuned!!

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Please always get back to us with feedback, good or bad!

Note: As always — if you think we’re doing a good job then we’d appreciate any support! We’re trying to forge a new path and find a better way for writers to get paid, so if you want to help us on our journey, then get in touch! Also please support the newsletter!

Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure all the positions are well-paid, and if not, they’re helpful in some other way. Our readership varies from new writers to established writers, so some jobs are better for others. Either way, if you have any questions, get in touch with me or the employer, see how you can help, and grow your network! I try to only show remote jobs, but sometimes allow odd interesting jobs to pass through.

- have reached out to us. They’re an awesome new style of pub. that are accepting pitches, paying $100+50% of subscription revenue. Get in touch, find out more and get paid!

($200) Do you have a story about a self destructive relationship? Or how you’ve avoided one? Pitch it to @amirsaid for @SuperchampBooks anthology Dating & Sex: The Theory of Mutual Self-Destruction (@DatingandSexSB).

($1/word) @econhardship is seeking pitches for feature stories, reported personal essays, op-eds and investigative pieces about economic inequality in America

($1/word) @DecentialMedia is looking for freelance crypto writers to hire for culture pieces in the New Yorker “Talk of the Town” style.

($3–400) @littlestlemon is seeking transjournos for freelance writing opps for @Healthline’s nutrition & fitness sub-brands on trans-related topics

($350 — $450) @elizatalks from CNN is seeking pitches broadly on stories on 1 of 3 themes: body, care, climate

(~$100) @DecodeInternet is seeking to commission two stories

($100) @ingeveb are accepting pitches for their blog on yiddish studies

($150) @hamlettclaire is looking for writers who want to write stories on climate justice and solutions, culture, and agriculture with a focus on animals?

($300) Did you change careers during the pandemic? Get in touch with Insider!!

(~£1 per word) The Mail on Sunday are looking for brilliant digital freelancers for Shifts at You Magazine!

(~$.30 per word) Wired are looking to expand their freelance network in Europe and beyond for commissions in 2022!

($450) @thenationoped is seeking writers for its pool of contributors

(Paid) @jessicajalapeno is looking to commission some writers for a fashion blog (topics can be on anything from fashion, beauty, culture, music)

(30p per word) @alipantony is looking to expand her roster of freelance writers who are experienced in conducting thorough yet emotive case study interviews — for Glamour Magazine!

(Paid) James Dumay is looking for a technical writer to help write docs for on a contract basis

(Paid) @CanGeo are always accepting pitches!

(Paid) Colorado Parent magazine is looking for a freelance copy editor for up to 15 hours work per week

(Paid) @RyanTuchow is seeking pitches on anything related to the kids industry

(Paid) if you’re an experienced freelance writer interested in writing about how brands talk about sustainability, then reach out to @klundster at @adweek, then reach out for pitches!

(Paid) @mona_smolenak is looking for a fully remote Social Media Designer/Creator on a part time basis for a fintech client — MUST know the ins and out of TikTok marketing — great side job — 40 hours per month

(Paid) @jackjoekennedy is looking for a copywriter on a freelance, part-time or full-time basis to write blog, social and web copy for a HUGE range of different topics.

(Paid) Wired is looking for a science editor to join their UK newsroom

Remote Writing Jobs

- Gizmodo have loads of positions open!

- Unsplash is looking for someone to join the team and lead the SEO strategy.

- Volant is looking for a remote copywriter to locate ads, emails, landing pages, and videos and make sure they are as engaging and engaging as possible.

- Mango Languages is looking for a remote independent contractor who can research, write, and edit online grammar content for our company’s repository of grammar resources.

- The Intern Group is looking for a content manager to increase organic qualified traffic to the website from Google and other search engines and social media channels.

- ($60,000) (US/Canada based): CleverProfits is looking for a Copywriter to head up our internal marketing and content team. Someone who understands Accounting, Tax and Finance for a B2B brand.

- (NZ/Australia based) Eucalyptus is seeking an experienced Content Designer to help execute the planning and production of empathetic, inclusive, well-researched and evidence-led content that informs and inspires Australians to take productive steps towards improving their health.

- Software Mind is looking for a Junior Technical Writer to join the team.

- (London based): Causaly are looking for someone who has extensive copywriting experience within the technical or scientific sectors.

- (Canada based): Uberflip are looking for a remote technical writer to work closely with Engineering teams to plan, create, and maintain content that is easy to discover and understand.

- ($125,000) @iambonythomas is looking for anyone wit 7–9 years of experience as a medical health writer for a a senior editor role that’s fully remote.

- Classic cars weekly are hiring a news editor to join their team!

- ($80–150k/yr) @breakglowpri is looking for a social media/community manager or Blockchain marketing specialist for decentralized financial market covered by a DAO

We’re writers ourselves and know how difficult it can be to find well paid, honest work and at times, you do feel like you’re banging your head against a brick-wall. We’ve tried our best to help, so please let us know how we can help!Hope you have a great week and we’ll speak to you soon!

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