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Straight to you and free forever

Freelance writers know how hard it is to find repeat business, reliable clients and well paid opportunities in the fragmented freelance writing industry. As writers, we’ve lived through this pain and we’ve managed to build a workflow which allows us to track a wide variety of opportunities including competitions, calls to write, jobs, freelancing opportunities and more.

Given the pandemic, we decided to send a free weekly email to our subscribers to keep them up to date on the best opportunities we’ve found. …

Loads of awesome jobs — and I get a bit sentimental.

Happy Sunday everyone!

We feature Sarah from SunshineSarahXO

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m on holiday in Cyprus this week, so unfortunately don’t have much time to write an intro-section. I hope everyone’s doing well and I’ll get back to y’all next week!

In the mean time, I’ve changed up the jobs section a lil’ bit to make it flow better (opportunities with salaries first, then other opportunities later) and also, we’re proud to announce that we’re now featuring writers! We’ve added a final section for it, so please let me know if you like it! We build the newsletter around you, the reader, so feedback is always welcome!


This newsletter has helped so many writers, and man, it feels good!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Writing this newsletter is a bit tiresome: take right now as an example. It’s a Sunday morning, 9:25am, and I should be sleeping (I like my sleep). However, I received a little boost the other day that’s propelling me forward.

“Just wanted to say that I just got a job offer from a job you posted on your newsletter! It was from [company], which you posted late June. I applied, they got back to me, and after about a month of interviews and tests, they made me an offer. It’s based near where I live and it…

Is there anything in the past we can take forward?

Happy Sunday everyone!

This week I’m trying something a bit different and I’ve managed to persuade one of my closest friends to write the intro to the newsletter. We like more vibe-y writing: enjoy!

It’s never an easy task to predict the future. A Physicist, for example, can make incredible models and simulations of what the universe may look like millions of years from now, but they couldn’t tell you what the Earth will look like in a hundred years. A Paediatrician could tell you how to tend and care for a child, but they couldn’t tell you what kind…

We’re announcing our partnership with Subkit!

Great News Everyone! We’re announcing a partnership!

Dissecting Happiness of Freelance Writers

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’ve had a rough week this week, so I’d like to speak about happiness.

Growing up, happiness didn’t make sense because it’s subjective, continuous and time dynamic. Whilst studying an undergrad economics, it became clear that happiness wasn’t a simple concept because it’s difficult to measure, and that makes it difficult to understand it.

Yes, we have the Happiness Index based on surveys etc, but fundamental theories in economics revolve around maximising an objective. So how are we meant to maximise what we can’t measure? Or should we just maximise our giggles per minute?

Following this line…

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